Vitamin C 500mg buffered 180 tablets


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Product information "Vitamin C 500mg buffered 180 tablets"

Vitamin C for persons who do not tolerate ascorbic acid in its acidic form

Most animals can produce vitamin C themselves from glucose. Only humans, monkeys and guinea pigs lost this ability millions of years ago. The cause is an enzyme deficiency caused by gene mutation.

Vitamin C is found in all body cells. There it has the task of protecting them from free radicals by oxidising itself.
Vitamin C is involved in collagen production. Collagen is not only important for tight tissue in the known problem areas (abdomen, leg, bottom), but also for the skin in general, for joints, bones, muscles and blood vessels.

This product contains vitamin C in its stomach-friendly form as calcium ascorbate.

It is particularly suitable for people who do not tolerate ascorbic acid in its acidic form.

  • gentle to the stomach, as this vitamin C is available in buffered form as calcium ascorbate
  • can respond to the immune system
  • for firm connective tissue and beautiful skin
  • without magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide
  • gluten-free, lactose-free, fructose-free, vegan
  • bulk pack for half a year
Inhalt / Supplement Facts / Contenu / Información Nutricional / Contenuto / Inhoudpro Tablette / per Tablet / por Comprimé / por Comprimido / per Compressa / pro  Tablet%NRV* / %VNR* / %VRN* / %VNR* / %VRW*
Vitamin C / Vitamine C / Vitamina C      500mg  625 

Content: 180 tablets

Recommended intake: Adults 1 tablet daily with plenty of water.

One tablet contains / NRV*:
Vitamin C 500mg / 625%

NRV: Nutrient reference values as per EU regulation

Ingredients: calcium ascorbate, bulking agent microcrystalline cellulose

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